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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Tricoteurs

Last week I had the fortune of seeing a new young band from Reading in a venue I never knew existed. It was The Tricoteurs' second gig, a band made up of four girls and one guy, and the venue was upstairs at the Global Cafe. Their musicality was hand in hand with their inexperience, yet they seem to have something undeniable. Lead Singer Harriet embodies the kind of rock and roll integrity, agression and sexuality that I have not seen since the 1970's Debbie Harry. The band hold their own, each with their own indearing style and nonchalance. They cover old fifties rock and roll numbers, and their first original song 'Ovulate' holds more soul than any song I was writing at that age! Anyway, enough ranting...check them out at www.myspace.com/thetricoteurs.

Also on the bill were Hello Wembley and Audio Runway. Unfortunately I had to rush off into town so didn't get to see Audio Runway but saw Hello Wembley's brilliant set. They are like a cross between the Libertines and The Happy Mondays (seriously!) and go to show that the Reading music scene is full of exciting new acts, and a good enough reason if any not to head back to Streatham. Sorry if I ever doubted you Reading. Anyway, this isn't a review, just thought it was worth saying.


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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Parasol @ London Calling Festival, Amsterdam 30/03/07

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My Luminaries - Wordsworth Nothing.

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