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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

We're giving away free numbered promo CDs of 'Petrol Station Union Jacks', the B side to forthcoming single 'Jumping the Great White' at upcoming gigs.

Beats crackly myspace mp3s. Come down and get your hands on one:

  • Sept15th Sugarmill Stoke Supporting The Delays (on at 7.10pm)
  • 20th Fez Club Reading
  • 21st Maria Am Ufer Berlin Supporting Badly Drawn Boy
  • 23rd Leadmill Sheffield Supporting The Delays

  • 29th Clapham Grand London

  • More dates are up on our page including Cambridge, leeds, Southampton, Liverpool and Bath.

    Catch you then


    ;4:13 pm

    News - Reading, Berlin, Sheffield, London

    Some gig related shenanigans.

    Thanks to everyone who saw us at the Sugarmill on Friday, it was a good night and we made lots of new friends.

    We have a few gigs over the next few days and it would be good to see some of you there (obviously not all of you cos you wouldn't all fit)

    The first one is the Reading Fez Club this Wednesday the 20th, we are playing with one of my favourite bands ever The Colours and it is their e.p launch night so should be a good one. Email me if you want tickets.

    The next one is a little bit more selective in its appeal, we are playing in Berlin on Thursday night, I'm not sure how many fans we have in Germany, but if anyone wants to come, email me and i will find out the details of the show for you.

    We have another gig with the Delays and the Apartment on Saturday 23rd at the Sheffield Leadmill.

    This is the big one though, we are playing the Clapham Grand on Friday 29th of September and it should be amazing! If you haven't been to the Grand, then you are in for a treat; it's bigger than the London Astoria and has an amazing sound system and light up disco floor. We are playing with the amazing Mr Derry and the wonderful The Oracles. Tickets are cheaper if you buy them from us before hand so email me if you want one and i can sort something out for you.

    Any questions drop me a line

    Mr Saul James Perryman


    p.s there will be free promo cds at all these gigs (if we like you and you are nice too us)

    ;4:11 pm

    My Luminaries - Wordsworth Nothing.

    WELCOME. If you are reading this then you are awake daddy.


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