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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Tricoteurs

Last week I had the fortune of seeing a new young band from Reading in a venue I never knew existed. It was The Tricoteurs' second gig, a band made up of four girls and one guy, and the venue was upstairs at the Global Cafe. Their musicality was hand in hand with their inexperience, yet they seem to have something undeniable. Lead Singer Harriet embodies the kind of rock and roll integrity, agression and sexuality that I have not seen since the 1970's Debbie Harry. The band hold their own, each with their own indearing style and nonchalance. They cover old fifties rock and roll numbers, and their first original song 'Ovulate' holds more soul than any song I was writing at that age! Anyway, enough ranting...check them out at www.myspace.com/thetricoteurs.

Also on the bill were Hello Wembley and Audio Runway. Unfortunately I had to rush off into town so didn't get to see Audio Runway but saw Hello Wembley's brilliant set. They are like a cross between the Libertines and The Happy Mondays (seriously!) and go to show that the Reading music scene is full of exciting new acts, and a good enough reason if any not to head back to Streatham. Sorry if I ever doubted you Reading. Anyway, this isn't a review, just thought it was worth saying.


;12:49 am

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Parasol @ London Calling Festival, Amsterdam 30/03/07

;11:00 am

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Its 2:45 am, I'm tired, and I wish i had some more new songs to show you, but instead I've spent the weekend out from touring drumming up interest for Billy Bragg's 'Jail Guitar Doors' Campaign. Its going amazingly well, and the feedback from bands (some who I didn't expect to reply) and local luminaries alike has been fantastic. But then again, why not? Its a very worthy cause, and it uses music to further the positive effects music can have in our communities. Take a look if you get a mo...JGD Myspace Site

The songs are sounding good, they won't be long,


;2:41 am

Saturday, March 03, 2007

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Song for Warsaw

Take my hand
And in the other a stone
And we will rise up from the ashes
Of our loved ones, young and old

I heard the latest status quo
From far amongst the birds
The messiah never did arrive
To clarify his words

I don't wanna believe a word of it
But he don't ever come and I see no sign to believe in
The weight of your last vow, the tick tock of the clock, now

Now our love must wait on ice
While the sky is torn in two
I never said that I'd be nice my love
Just true my love, just true

We were born into shackles
Be a monster if you must
I killed a man with my bare hands
And covered him with dust

I don't wanna believe I won't be judged
But he don't ever come and I see no sign to believe in
I've been so close to death all I can think about now is living
Or do you wanna go out now, waiting on a revelation?

We were born into shackles
Became monsters set in stone
And we'll rise up from the ashes
Firing guns of skin and bone.

Oh he don't ever come and I see no sign to believe in
I've been so close to death all I can think about now is living
When you're so close to death all you can think about is how you were living
And I'm not gonna go out now waiting on a revelation
I'm not gonna go out now waiting on a revelation.

(© James Ewers, Feb 2007)

;5:56 pm

Monday, December 11, 2006

Sounds like a good idea...

Luminaries Criticise Bush on Climate Change

Former government leaders, a Hollywood actor and an astronaut have added to the calls for President Bush to re-consider his policy on global warming.

In an open letter published in Time magazine the former American president Jimmy Carter, the former Russian leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, the actor Harrison Ford and the American space pioneer, John Glenn, joined other prominent figures in urging Mr Bush not to reject the Kyoto protocol on climate change, which is aimed at limiting the gas emissions believed to cause global warming.

They say international consensus and immediate action is needed to address the threat of climate change.

From the newsroom of the BBC World Service

;7:04 pm

Sheffield on a Friday night. West Street. We slip into the first curry house we come across eager to escape the hostile stares of inebriated men in pastel coloured shirts. The inviting warmth and aroma of the restaurant, swiftly turns sour as one eloquent gentleman observes "Fookin hell the bands arrived". Fortunately the concierge soon greets us and takes us to a table for six. We take our seats, facing each other in two rows of three. Ben, Sam and I across from Tom, James and Dylan. Drinks and poppadoms are ordered and the other diners lose interest in us as they conclude that they don't know which band we are. I am sure that if any one of them had heard of us then 'Jumping the Great White' would have accompanied the Muzak that fell gently from the restaurant speakers.

The evening progresses, red wine and lager fuel a heated discussion about the relative merits of recording on to tape in favour of computer. It's a clichéd subject for a band to discuss and an argument without an answer or an end. Every band has to have it, whether a curry house is the most productive place to do so, is debatable.

On a table towards the back of the restaurant, there are a man and a woman trying to lift their friend from his seat, he is obviously paralytic and does not wake up despite their coaxing. When his eyes do finally open he seems angry and confused. He soon recognises his surroundings and wisely makes the decision to leave, he stumbles no more than three feet where he is halted by a wall, he sighs and vomits over himself, the floor and the wall. The wallpaper looks slightly improved by this new addition. The carpet looks nonplussed, clearly a veteran of such incidents. The man raises his head as if he is smelling the air, acting on instinct rather than conscious thought, he makes a break for the door. Again physics and furniture prove formidable enemies, his path blocked by tables and chairs, he shows us more of the menu in a cascade that covers the floor and one man's shoe. With a couple more faltering attempts, he builds enough momentum to exit the building and leaves his friends to apologise to the owners.

It takes us several minutes to decide whether to stay for our food that hasn't arrived yet. We are too hungry to leave and the staff have the mess cleaned up with military precision. It turns out to be a wise decision as later on in the evening a man announces that "The winner of the Russell Brand look-alike contest is YOU", I was unaware that I had entered a competition, maybe it was compulsory if you ordered a Balti. Still I was pleased to have won, however my only prize it seems was a drunk arsehole getting in my face, I can only imagine how the other contestants were treated if that's all I got for winning. Don't think too harshly of this man though, he had just had his shoe vomited on.


;7:02 pm

Monday, October 16, 2006


Good late afternoon/early evening. How are we?

Some gig related stuff as ever, we will be playing Leeds Uni student union on Wednesday night (18th) and then Bath Moles Club the following night (Thursday 19th duh) so any of you fine folks that are in those areas then feel free to come along. The first time I went to Moles was for my mate Davo's birthday, I go so drunk that I collapsed outside and threw up in to my own leather jacket and hair, my life has been going steadily downhill since then. I have never been to Leeds Uni.

We are also playing the Wilde Theatre in Bracknell next Wednesday supporting The Race, also playing are Mr Fogg + Big Wednesday with compére Jim Bowes. If you would like to get in free then just answer this.

What is the name of our next single?

Send you answers to jim@jimbowes.com by the end of Monday and the winner will get two places on the guest list for the gig. Don't email me your answer cos it wont do no good.

Tickets for Bracknell are £6 in advance and can be purchased on 01344 484123 or www.southhillpark.org.uk


Kilgore Trout


p.s our gig on Titan has been cancelled due to the chrono synclastic infundibula, sorry

;11:50 pm

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An Order From The Chaos

An echo of a memory
Rising through the slipstream
Trying to rear its head up
Above the water

A quiet deadly secret
Stirs beneath the blankets
I'm trying to build a union
With bricks and mortar

Milton's voice is calling out
"Paradise is long lost"
We're turning into something we both know we're not
There's talk of a new order
An order from the chaos
Can we believe in something we're not sure of?

And now I want to hold you
Just to see if I'd fall through you
All tone deaf and voiceless
Wound up, so sure

We'll hang it on the bedroom door
A treaty for the bedroom war
To pull you through the fire
When you're not so sure

Milton's voice is calling out
"Paradise is long lost"
We're turning into something we both know we're not
There's talk of a new order
An order from the chaos
Can we believe in something we're not sure of?

An order from the chaos
An order from the chaos
An order from the chaos
An order from the chaos

(© J Ewers August 2006)

;11:48 pm

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

We're giving away free numbered promo CDs of 'Petrol Station Union Jacks', the B side to forthcoming single 'Jumping the Great White' at upcoming gigs.

Beats crackly myspace mp3s. Come down and get your hands on one:

  • Sept15th Sugarmill Stoke Supporting The Delays (on at 7.10pm)
  • 20th Fez Club Reading
  • 21st Maria Am Ufer Berlin Supporting Badly Drawn Boy
  • 23rd Leadmill Sheffield Supporting The Delays

  • 29th Clapham Grand London

  • More dates are up on our page including Cambridge, leeds, Southampton, Liverpool and Bath.

    Catch you then


    ;4:13 pm

    News - Reading, Berlin, Sheffield, London

    Some gig related shenanigans.

    Thanks to everyone who saw us at the Sugarmill on Friday, it was a good night and we made lots of new friends.

    We have a few gigs over the next few days and it would be good to see some of you there (obviously not all of you cos you wouldn't all fit)

    The first one is the Reading Fez Club this Wednesday the 20th, we are playing with one of my favourite bands ever The Colours and it is their e.p launch night so should be a good one. Email me if you want tickets.

    The next one is a little bit more selective in its appeal, we are playing in Berlin on Thursday night, I'm not sure how many fans we have in Germany, but if anyone wants to come, email me and i will find out the details of the show for you.

    We have another gig with the Delays and the Apartment on Saturday 23rd at the Sheffield Leadmill.

    This is the big one though, we are playing the Clapham Grand on Friday 29th of September and it should be amazing! If you haven't been to the Grand, then you are in for a treat; it's bigger than the London Astoria and has an amazing sound system and light up disco floor. We are playing with the amazing Mr Derry and the wonderful The Oracles. Tickets are cheaper if you buy them from us before hand so email me if you want one and i can sort something out for you.

    Any questions drop me a line

    Mr Saul James Perryman


    p.s there will be free promo cds at all these gigs (if we like you and you are nice too us)

    ;4:11 pm

    My Luminaries - Wordsworth Nothing.

    WELCOME. If you are reading this then you are awake daddy.


    My Luminaries on MySpace
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